Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 4: In and around Salt Lake City

We got to sleep in today!  And then I was able to get in a good run at the hotel before heading out on our activities for the day.

Our first stop was the Olympic Park in Park City.  This is where the sliding events and some of the skiing events were held.  We took the guided tour, which was pretty interesting.  This is not the greatest time to visit the park though, as the athletes are between winter and summer training so nothing was going on.  Much of the snow was melting off the hills and the ice had melted off the sliding track.  If you go during training season you get to ride a bobsled down the track, which is pretty cool.
 This is the view from the top of the ski-jump hill.
 The medals for the Salt Lake games took 20 hours each to make and weigh over one pound.
Then we returned to Salt Lake City for some shopping and sight-seeing.  This is the view from the Capitol Building.
 The Utah State Capitol Building is pretty spectacular.  With all the marble and granite architecture it't the perfect example of a building that would be cost-prohibitive to build in modern day times.

These are all from Temple Square.  The Temple itself is a beautiful building but the whole area was beautifully landscaped and all the spring blooming flowers and trees were really pretty.


Greg S said...

I wish we could have planned to make the trip to Reno in a more relaxed fashion like you are doing - so cool. We will leave on Wednesday morning and drive to Salt Lake, and then to Reno on Thursday. I doubt we will be there in time to get setup, but that would sure be nice and make Friday less stressful with checking in and all.
Where are you in the run order? Skye's are: 198, 120, 28, so for the T2B and warmup Standard we get to go 198th!

Kathy said...

I lived in Salt Lake city for awhile as a kid, and my mom still lives there so we got to go to the Olympics and all the venues they built are so neat. There are a lot of pretty things there, the temple is always decorated for what ever season and always a beautiful place to visit in any season. I would think it would be a nice place to visit.

Nicki said...

We are 43, 215, and 125. Hoping to make it in time for check-in tomorrow.