Saturday, March 24, 2012

Legend's Journey: Day 1

Home to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We left on our cross country road trip to AKC nationals today!  This was not a particularly exciting leg of the journey however, as we drove through  northern Missouri, Iowa, and then into South Dakota.  Thus far I feel pretty safe in saying those are places I would not want to live.

The only interesting that really happened today was a change in our travel plans for the next few days.  We had wanted to go to Yellowstone on our way to Reno but it seems the park is pretty much closed to cars right now.  I realized when we planned this trip that is was not the ideal time to go (but that was out of our control) and that some of the park roads would be closed.  But I didn't anticipate that basically ALL the park would be closed.  So the new plan is to head from Rapid City straight to Salt Lake City and spend an extra day there.

These are the only photos from today because there is absolutely nothing worth photographing from our drive.  I guess Legend agreed.


Karissa said...

Drive safe! Best of luck to you!

Crazy4CattleDogs said...

Good Luck (:

Jasmine and Sparkie said...

Happy travels and good luck!

Kathy said...

Have a safe trip. How exciting to be on the way to Reno!

Diana said...

Good luck!! I hope you get to sight see some what.