Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I won't lie

Despite the quirks and daily frustrations of my career choice, there are some definite perks.  Here are a few.
This is my latest load of free samples from the drug companies.  We were supposed to have samples of other products too, but it seems someone botched that up.

In other news, we have had perfect weather here lately-80 and sunny.  As far as I'm concerned it could be that way every day (like it is in Hawaii-the safest state in the union you know).  So I have gotten to enjoy some outdoor running without my nose also running!  I even did some agility yesterday.  Lyric is working on proofing her teeter, tire and table and that went pretty well.  Legend was supposed to be working on distance and discrimination work but she was having an issue with popping out of the weave poles so we ended up working more on that.  Even though I thought we had fixed that problem long ago.  Silly dogs.

Anyway, we leave for nationals in 10 days!  So much to do before then-I have quite a list going!


Sara said...

Free stuff rules!

I think everyone is having fabulous weather right now! Lucky us.

Karissa said...

Free stuff rocks! Great perk to have! :o)

Do you ever take Legend to see a chiro? Popping early (or missing his entries) was always a trademark for Luke that something was out somewhere and needed to be adjusted. Wouldn't hurt to have her checked from head to toe before leaving for a big event like Nationals!

Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kathy said...

10 days, that is so exciting!!!

Free stuff is the BEST, LOL!

Breeze would always pop out of the weaves when her back was slightly out-it was always the first sign when I would not see anything else any where else, it was always hard to tell when it was physical or a training issue because she was/is prone to things going on with her back

Nicki said...

She's never been to a chiropractor. Knowing her its just from lack of practice and anticipation of treats and playing after. I've not been working with her much since I've been either sick or out running!