Thursday, March 1, 2012


We haven't been to an agility trial in over 2 months.  And we haven't been to an AKC trial in over 3 months.  That might be the longest break we've ever had.  I thought that being left sitting at 19 QQs would make for a long and anxious winter, but it really didn't.  Although 2011 was certainly exciting and fun on our way to qualifying for nationals and almost getting a MACh, turns out it was also mentally, physically, and financially exhausting!  I really enjoyed the break.  Having multiple weekends in a row at home was quite the novelty, and particularly useful with the half-marathon training.
But, the vacation is over!  This weekend we are back in the ring on our quest for #20.  I've got to say, up until today I was really not terribly excited or anxious-but now I am both.  It's starting to feel real again!  I hope the girls are equally as excited and as mentally recharged as I am.  You never know what they might do after all this time off.  Hopefully it was good for them.  If not, we'll just fix whatever they have forgotten over the winter.  Daylight savings starts soon you know.

Other than Legend's MACh, we don't have a lot of goals this year.  Partly because other obligations are keeping us on a pretty light show schedule the first half of the year so I don't want to have unrealistic expectations.  And partly because NADAC nationals are far away, AKC nationals are in Tulsa-which is convenient but not particularly exciting, and Lyric has not shown to be quite solid enough to be thinking about MACh or nationals goals.  I'm hoping by later this year or next year though she will be Q'ing in stardard enough to really make some headway.