Wednesday, February 29, 2012

America's next top model

A few weeks ago Lyric had the chance to model for a local photography studio needing a blonde Pomeranian for a photo shoot.  The pictures may be used for a calendar or other product.  We don't know yet if she will be published but it was super fun nonetheless.  Here are  few samples from the shoot and a link to the rest.

The proofs are blurry if I post them any larger but here is the link-they show up better.

And if I needed any proof that she is the cutest dog ever, this is it!


Border Collie Mom said...

Wow!!! Very cute! She almost looks like a toy and not a real dog! I love the blue floor pics the best.

Chris and Ricky said...

Those photos are super cute!

tervnmal said...

Look out, she'll be on the cover of Vogue before you know it.

Kathy said...

No proof was needed we all KNEW she is one of the CUTEST And now we know she is glamorous to boot!