Monday, April 14, 2014

Recent Races

Last weekend was the Color Run.  My friend Linda joined me.  They staggered the start more this year so the color stations were not as crowded as last year, but we waited an hour and a half to start.  So I guess the goal next year will be to arrive early.  We were in the last wave.

Yesterday we ran the Camp Barnabas half-marathon.  This was the first of my three in three months.  It was warmer than last year, but with the threat of rain.  It did hold off until we finished and had started towards the car.
Not much else going on.  Reaghan's adoption fell through so we are still taking applications.  I'm beginning my quest to collect raffle items for the agility trial.  I also have a $500 budget to spend on prizes.  Which is fun, but stressful because I want to try and get the most for the money and get some good stuff!  It's cold here again.  But hopefully will only last a few days.

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