Sunday, April 10, 2011

Golden Retriever Club of Greater St. Louis

The girls and I spent two days competing at an AKC trial this weekend.  First of all, for those of you who care, they have put in one ring of artificial turf at the new Purina Farms Event center.  Depending on your dog, this may or may not be an improvement.  Legend didn't seem to like running on it all that well and I saw several dogs wipe out on it.  But it make a great background for photos!

Yesterday Legend popped the last weave pole in jumpers-she hasn't done that in awhile.  Phooey.  She did Q in standard but no nearly as fast as normal.  She seemed a little worried about the contact equipment (for no apparent reason) and I think the turf slowed her down a bit but otherwise a nice run.  Lyric failed to weave in both courses (remember she Q'd in WEAVERS last week ?!?) and had a refusal at the table. 

Today started out much better.  Both Q's in jumpers and Lyric got first place (woo-hoo for double MACh points!).  Legend popped her weave poles again, with just 3 obstacles to go on the standard course (ugh, there went our QQ), but it was otherwise a nice run.  Lyric failed to weave on the first attempt and refused the table again.

So, now the "magic cookie table" is in the house for practice and she will also be eating all her meals on it until we get this worked out.  Weave poles just need more practice to get them solid. 

Since we are leaving again for another trial on Thursday I decided it would be easier to repack than unpack so I'm already partly ready for next weekend! 

The kittens seemed like they grew while I was gone but I have not taken any new pictures yet.   


Sue said...

The magic cookie table sounds like something my dogs would really like.

Kathy said...

Magic cookie tables sound like FUN! How easy will this weekend be since you are already packed ;-).