Sunday, June 15, 2014

The drought is over!

After two years of adult dogs, we finally have a foster PUPPY again!  Yes, she's five months old, but she still have puppy teeth, so good enough.

"Shea" is a sweet little 22 lb female border collie.  She was found running as a stray with what a appeared to her littermate.  He is red and white if you are looking for a different flavor.  I have not met him but they say he is just as sweet.

The shelter was calling them Romeo and Juliette.  While that's a pretty name, it is 1) a little creepy for brother and sister and 2) a mouthful.  Shea is Gaelic for "admirable."

We don't know a lot about her yet other than...she gets carsick (three stops on the way home) and is not crate trained (after an extended period outside she promptly peed and pooped in her crate).  But I'm sure she will catch on quick.  In her defense she has been 4 places in 4 days, met a lot of new people and dogs, lost her brother and been spayed!  But she's a very sweet girl, loves people and belly rubs.

Also, some genius docked their tails.  Grr.  But still cute.

 Love her silly face in this one

 I'm pretty sure this is the "adopt me" shot!


Karissa said...

She is super cute! I have a feeling she won't be with you for too long. :)

Diana said...

She is beautiful. Weird they would dock the tail.