Sunday, November 20, 2016

NW3 try number 4

Thursday we drove to Davenport for another shot at getting our second NW3 pass. We started with vehicles, which was a pretty straightforward 3 vehicles end to end search. I was a little nervous as we had failed vehicles on our two most recent trials. But she rocked it, found two hides and cleared the rest of the area nicely. I felt good about it and we were off to a good start. 

Next was interiors. Usually a strong spot for us. She worked the three areas well and I felt as good as Icould about them. There is always some second guessing!

Exteriors was next and by this time the temps had dropped 20 degrees and winds were gusting over 20 MPH. Plus the search area was pretty "busy" so I was worried about this search. She found one hide but checked a lot of areas with interest so I worked until the 30 second warning and then called it quits. I was pretty dubious about our success here but you never know!

Last up was containers. She found one hide and then we had a false alert on a box where some odor has apparently been collecting.  I was super bummed to get all the way to the end of the day and then blow it. Especially when we found out all out other searches had been successful! Yay! But on the plus side, we found all hides, improved our search times, handled the wind well and overall had our best outing since our first try. 

Plus we got a pronounced in exteriors and earned our NW3 element titles in interiors and exteriors. 

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