Sunday, October 1, 2017

Still a rock star

Legend had another tremendous weekend at the local UKC trial.  In total she ended up a perfect 7/7, with five 1st places, two 2nd places, two high in trial, and four new titles.

Saturday was a long day.  We competed in both rounds of Advanced vehicles and her first one she found the hide in 10 seconds.  She definitely caught the attention of the judge here and she was very complimentary to Legend all weekend.  Second round wasn't as fast but she did a nice job of working the odor between cars and getting to source.  We also knocked out the second leg of her Superior exterior title and then in the afternoon the first let of master exterior.  The day dragged on forever thanks to a late start, lots of briefings, and lengthy search times.  They were still doing vehicles by headlight at 8:30.  We got ours all done before dark but they were using my car so we got home after 9:00.

Today was a better time schedule.  I didn't need to be there early since I wasn't in the early classes and they did a much better job of moving things along. We completed both legs or our Superior vehicles and also finished master exterior.  Even though it was moving so much faster than yesterday I ended up skipping my last exterior search.  I didn't want to bust my perfect weekend and I had dinner plans.

These last two UKC trials have been huge confidence boosts to us and also good experience.  We have an NW3 in November so hopefully all this will help!

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Diana said...

Congrats on your weekend and your new puppy Epic! Ive been behind in reading post.