Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Catch up time

Jeannie got adopted by a nice young guy this weekend! Gus has a cardio recheck next Friday so hopefully then he will be ready to neuter and list. 

Riesling is settling in and gaining weight and becoming a good little riding horse, making improvement all the time. 

The super sniffers went to a UKC trial this weekend and had some success. Legend got off to a rocky start in interiors but finally nabbed a master leg at the end of the weekend. She went 2/2 in exteriors though and finished her elite title. She ended up with 2 firsts, one second and two high in trial. Epic went 3/4 in exteriors getting his Novice title and one advanced leg with one first, one second, one third, and one high in trial. More fun sniffing later in the month!

Also these are growing in a weed patch from some seed I put out last year but didn’t grow until now. 

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Helen said...

You guys did great at the trial. I want to get my Keltic into scent detection but we missed out on the two sessions last winter, hopefully this year.