Monday, May 20, 2019

The beginning of the end

The girls have now completed all of their exchange requirements and school obligations.  All that remains of our time together are a few weeks to do some last minute activities, packing, and saying "see you later" to all of the friends and family that have become in important part of their lives this year.  

Umama will return home and study for college entrance exams and then apply for colleges.  Mariyam will return to two more years of high school.  She will pursue a medical degree after that and Umama wants to go into engineering.  They are both considering college in their homelands as well as abroad.  

We hope that they, along with Nadin, always feel welcome here, and someday are able to visit.  And someday we home to get to their side of the world and see all the things the three of them have told u about.  Until then, there is always the internet!

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