Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Home improvements

We decided to complete our kitchen remodel by getting new countertops. Yes, I did paint them when we got the other new things but it didn't hold up as well this time and so we deiced to go all in.  We have so much countertop space that laminate was really the only thing in our budget but it looks super cool. And we got a nice big new sink and faucet to go with it. 

I also decided to refinish out kitchen table with epoxy resin.  Pros-looks super cool and very unique. It's even better in person when you can see the glitter and 3D effects.  Cons-expensive, messy, hard to get perfection.  I did my first pour using the counter top epoxy brand because they also sold the pigments so I just had to get one shipment.  It worked ok but is super thick and didn't self level or allow the colors to run together.  So we ended up blending/spreading with hair dryers which took forever but created great effects.  It didn't dry level or smooth so I had to sand it and then pour another clear coat.  This time I used the table top epoxy brand.  It poured much better and self leveled.  The tricky part is keeping all the bubble popped as it cures, time consuming and almost impossible.  The other challenge is keeping hair and fuzz out of the surface as it dries.  So overall, I'm happy with it, but the imperfections that you can see up close bother me.  

I had enough to also to my desk top that got messed up when the cats knocked over some water on it. 

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