Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Staycation, sort of.

This last week was supposed to be family vacation in Gatlinburg, but covid. So we spent some time as a family at my parents during the middle of the week and I did a trial each weekend. First up was nosework at the local AKC club. After a slow start we got back in the groove and Epic got four first places and one third place in his five Qs. He also finished his novice exterior elite title. As a bonus Lindsay and her “puppy” came to hang out with us!

The next weekend was agility in Lawrence. We got six Qs, all at elite and open levels. He also got more points towards champs! We still have some things to work on obviously but I’m really pleased with how he’s stepped up his game to handle  these harder courses. It’s also an adjustment for me as he’s much faster than my other dogs. He’s quite frequently the only dog running at the 12 inch skilled level so I compare our YPS to other dogs in other divisions and he’s definitely got some good speed. Not always the fastest but as we get smoother and more confident together I think he could be a real speed demon. 

In other news Legend continues to have days that range from good to good enough. It hard to see age really hitting her but we try to make the most of every day. 

Jadeed has returned home from training. We still have work to do and will be taking more lessons but are starting to make some progress in our relationship. 

Sweets is growing up fast and turning into a lovely boy. 

He goes back to the cardiologist in about a month. 

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Helen said...

Wow, six Q's at one trial. Congrats. I'm happy with one. Our last trials were in Sep, Keltic got his Masters Jumper title at one of them. No trials this winter as there is no indoor venue hosting them. We will continue to take classes though.