Monday, February 15, 2021


Winter decided to come full force in February. I’ve lost track of the work days that have been cancelled or rescheduled. We have temps well below freezing the last several days and now about 6 inches of snow. More than we have had here in years with more possibly on the way later in the week. I’d get more pictures but the wind chill is -20, so this is all. 

Meanwhile the dogs are getting tired of training in the house. They were pretty unenthusiastic this morning so I guess they can take a few days off. 

There has been a lot of this happening though. 

But sometimes they are cute 

I had to order Sweets a travel crate. Hopefully he’s about done growing because this is the largest crate size that will fit in the camper bunk!  Epic also approved. 

I also worked on these fancy candles. They take extra time but turned out almost too pretty to burn! 

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