Sunday, March 21, 2021

Camping and Coursing

This was our big first weekend in the camper! We headed over to Oklahoma for lure coursing. We didn’t actually get to spend much time at the camper or the campsite. But it was nice and we enjoyed the new experience and everything went smoothly. 

As you see Epic was also fine with the experience. Plus he totally crushed it in coursing. He finished up his BCAT on the fast cat course plus some points towards the next level. 

He also got to run the much more challenging CAT course which is 600 yards in the open field with turns. He did amazing and finished his title in that class as well. We were supposed to run more fast cat this afternoon but he was so tired and the trials were running so long we decided to head out. He’s a much more heat sensitive dog than Legend and doesn’t always bounce right back from strenuous active in the warmer weather. He’s still pretty tired! Although he did run and play in the yard when we got home which I’m sure didn’t help. 

We did take a little walk at the campground before pulling out. 

Next weekend scentwork and more camping!

Coursing video!

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