Tuesday, April 20, 2021

More Camping, more sniffing

 This weekend we headed back to Oklahoma for an AKC trial.  This trial offered a lot of runs so was really a good deal.  Except that they were not real prepared to efficiently get all those runs done in a timely fashion.  So Saturday was a long day and Sunday we had to scratch some runs to get home at a decent hour. So we didn't really get many more runs than a regular weekend after all.  The other bad news was the camper had a leak so we had to use campground bathroom all weekend but it was pretty close so not a terrible deal.  And it's already fixed!

But the good news is that Epic totally crushed it at the trial.  He NQ'd his first run and then got 9 consecutive Qs!  He finished three titles including his overall Scent Work Advanced and also got a high in trial and several placements including two firsts.  We are still waiting on our cool HIT ribbon since they have to mail those.  I'm really proud of him, I think this was his best searching he has done and was really solid.  His sissy would be proud too.  MAlso we had a nice spot on the lake and enjoyed some nice views despite not great weather. 

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