Saturday, May 22, 2021

Actual camping

Last weekend we took the camper out to arkansas just to spend the weekend. The campground was quiet and the lake was really pretty. It was our first time taking Sweets and the boys had a great time. Bringing the big ex-pen was a lifesaver and we already have ordered a second set so we can have a nice big yard from them and we could even set our chairs in as well if we wanted. 

Sweets got to work in his swimming and overall they seemed to enjoy the water. 

We also went on a hike they enjoyed that as well. The spring we hiked to was quiet and pretty and a good resting point before we hiked back. 

And here’s a pic from a short trail near the campground. It took forever to get them both looking cute at the same time. 

And here is some adorable from the ride home, before the truck broke down. Yes the truck broke down on the way home. We were able to limp into a Walmart parking lot, make arrangements to get the truck looked at and have a friend drive us all home. It ended up just being a radiator which wasn’t too bad all things considered. We were able to pick everything up the next day and hope for no more issues!

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