Friday, June 25, 2021

Montana Day 8

After packet pick up this morning we headed to the many glacier area of the park. It was too full of vehicles and they were turning people away. But we got a few pics from the scenic drive in. 

Then to kill time we drive the scenic road to the border. The crossing was closed and security did not seem right. There was one guy who told us we could walk down there but “don’t get close the building or go past the gate” lol. Not sure he was keeping track to see if all the people who went down came back but if they didn’t we appeared to be a long way from civilization. 

We also got the good news that the going to the sun road was now fully open. So at five we lined up with everyone else and drove it the whole way back to west glacier. There were some scary spots but overall it was a good drive with amazing scenery. 

Tomorrow we get up early for the race!

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Helen said...

Pretty amazing scenery!