Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Agility dogs

 Yep.  Dogs, as in more than one!  I let sweets run in intro jumpers with weekend and he did great.  He even got a Q in the second round.  I don't have any goals or expectations for him but as he learns things I'll let him run a few classes at trials he is at.  He won't be going to all of them due to often traveling with a friend and 3 dogs and hotels and such.  And he really doesn't need to be doing all agility all the time anyway.  

Epic had a decent weekend.  He finished two titles and showed some improvement on the things we have been working on.  But still needs a lot more work on those things!  Will get in a few practices before champs and then hope for the best while there!  Then we will probably take some agility breaks and work on some nosework.  I'll add a ribbon pic to this once I get it taken!

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Helen said...

Congrats. I took Teddy to his first agility trial. He got two Q's in Starter Jumpers so now he moves to Advanced Jumpers. There won't be too many opportunities for indoor trials this winter. I hope there will be a few as Liam will be old enough in January.