Thursday, January 6, 2022

Hard to keep up

I have not been doing great with this blog, Facebook about covers it but I'm still trying! Here are some of what has been happening.  Got these cool pics of the horses in the evening.  One is further down, they showed up in random  order apparently 

We had a nice holiday here with family. 

We got a new Camper for Christmas.  We decided we justified the upgrade and are super excited about taking this guy out on some trips!

Both Addie and Flint got adopted so we are on a much needed foster break. But were are foster sitting this little guy for a few days.  He and Sweets have had a great time so far.  

 Tomorrow I'm off to Florida to visit Lindsay!

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Sue said...

Happy New Year. I'm having a severe case of puppy fever and hope to find a new little boy to become my bff.