Sunday, September 19, 2010

Staycation Part 2

I have to say, with four kids and 6 dogs in the house, things actually went pretty smoothly!  I can also say with that many people you go through a lot of dishes and towels!  The kids all had fun-they got to go to Silver Dollar City (my second trip this week, Jerry had to work) do lots of Go-carts, later tag and other fun stuff and also to a show.  We skipped the show because it's the same one we went to with Kelly.  They left this morning leaving us with just extra dogs and a lot of grass to mow.  As you can see here the dog are all making themselves at home.

Here is Jeff using one of the extra beds before Jackie and the kids arrived

Lyric snuggling up to Lexie

Xena is allowed on the couch at home and we have had a hard time convincing her not to do that here!

Lyric posing with the the littler kids

And another picture of Lyric just because she's so cute!

And if anyone is interested in an Icy update she's doing great.  I'm super impressed with the new food.  In just 3-4 days she was back to normal-nice big clumps in the litter box.  I'd like to know how much is related to the actual formula of the food versus just being canned and therefore having more water.  

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LauraK said...

Sounds like a busy household! Cute pictures of all the pups and kids :) I'm glad to hear the good news that Icy is doing better!