Monday, March 21, 2011


Although Saturday was cool and drizzly, Sunday was warm and mostly sunny which allowed for a great day to get stuff done outside.  Both girls worked nicely in some agility and Legend dusted off her obedience skills.  She did great after no practice for months.  So where is this dog when we go in the ring?  Oh well, we will just keep practicing and see!  And then of course everyone played and we filled up the pool which Legend and Po loved! I put Lyric in and she usually just jumps out but it must have felt good today because she stayed in for awhile.

Then she got the zoomies!  Isn't she the cutest thing ever?
Po enjoying some pool time.  Sometimes he gets really silly and tries to catch the splashes!

 Zodiac overseeing the chaos!
Then it was time to move on to something more productive.  I cleaned out the garage and then vacuumed out the truck but as you can see I had some "help."  Not sure how helpful this really was since I was trying to get hair out of the vehicle!

And Icy is feeling well enough to pose for some pictures...


Sara said...

Icy looks good! So pretty.

What a fun day for the dogs!

Rob said...

It's great to see everyone having fun in the sun.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We had almost summer-like weather over the weekend too but I hear it's highs of 38 by next week. Boo!

Good to know Icy is doing so well!

tervnmal said...

Can't wait for pool weather! What a great preview of things to come. There is snow in our forecast, too.