Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lyric's weekend

Lyric's weekend was somewhat overshadowed by her sister qualifying for nationals but she also has some brags to share.

Lyric went 3/6 and picked up her 2nd QQ. She almost went 3/3 in jumpers with just an off course in a very tricky part in Sunday's run. She runs very hot and cold in standard. Friday and Sunday were relative train wrecks with a lot of letters on her scribe sheet but Saturday was awesome. I think I need to work some longer sequences and courses with her in practice to keep her speed, focus and enthusiasm up. Or maybe she's just a cute toy dog that runs when she feels like it. I think some of it is still stress over knowing the teeter or other obstacles she might not want to do are out there, because her jumpers runs are always so much better.


Diana said...

Thats wonderful. Congrats!

Kathy said...

whooo hooooo good job on the 2nd double Q, that is so cool. Good job on the jumpers, 3/3 is nothing to sneeze at for sure!!! Sounds like all in all a good weekend!