Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time flies

We had a busy weekend!  First of all Barney is doing great-he moves back outside tomorrow.  I think his buddy has been missing him.

My knee has been feeling better (I think I mentioned it was bothering me) but we had a 5K planned for Saturday and I was hoping to at least jog it.  Luckily though my knee felt good and I was able to put forth a decent race.  It was a minute slower than the previous race but since I had not run in 2 weeks and took the first mile pretty easy I was pleased.  Now on to train for some 10k runs next year.

I've got most of my stuff packed and ready for NADAC nationals-leaving Wednesday after work but lots to do between now and then!

And most importantly today is Lyric's birthday!  Can't believe my little powderpuff is 5 years old, but mostly that's because we've only been lucky enough to have her 2 years.  I hope we have her a lot more! They dogs all enjoyed sharing a doggie cupcake in celebration. 


Kathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYRIC!!!!!!! I hope there are some good treats to celebrate-the cupcake sounds marvelous!

Good luck a the NADAC nationals if we dont get to talk to you before you leave, hope you have a really fantastic time!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Birthday Lyric!! You did so well at your last trial - congrats!

Sorry about Barney but glad you saw what was happening with him and made him feel much better!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Lyric.