Friday, November 15, 2013

Adjusting (aka controlled chaos)

Everyone is settling in to the new 5 dog household ok.  Cade and Icy are "over it."  Cade and Finn have even been playing together.  For the most part things are going smoothly but feeding time and morning potty are a little wild.  We don't have a very smooth routine down yet.  Also Cade and Finn are both very excited about going outside and both are very sure they need to get out the door first.  I thought this might result in some arguments but mostly just a lot of commotion and banging into walls and doors.  I would think they would have bruises if we could see their skin!

Speaking of Cade, it's time for him to get adopted.  And not because I'm getting attached to him.  The other way around.  He has reached that point where he seems very happy, comfortable, and content here.  Like he's ours.  But poor boy, he isn't.  I hate when they get so settled in and happy and then we ship them off again.  Although Cade seems to like everyone so I know he will adjust again,  it just breaks my heart a little to see him napping so peacefully on the floor with the other dogs-you know, the ones that really do live here.

But, everyone will find a home eventually.  It just gets a little hard to keep track of 3 black and white dogs sometimes!

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Sue said...

Or eight curly black and white puppies. My boys also try to beat each other out the door. Then they stop so the rest of us can't get out. What is it with boys?