Monday, November 11, 2013

Not a NATCH, but close

We went to the always enjoyable Lickety Split trial in Oklahoma this weekend.  And despite minimal training, (as in about 5 minutes total since Champs) they did very well.  Lyric actually had a super weekend going 5/7 with two jumpers, one tunnelers and two regular Qs.  She was a speedy little girl, did most of her weave poles and even some of her discriminations.  She did seem overly interested in taking the A-frame this weekend and one time I was actually not able to keep her from taking it as an off course.  No clue why the sudden fascination.

Legend had a good weekend as well.  Except for jumping off multiple contacts.  She was very enthusiastic this weekend.  In fact on her first run she pulled me into the ring, which she never does.  She went on to do a picture perfect Touch and Go course complete with dogwalk fly-off at the end.  She missed several other contacts this weekend as well but on the plus side, no contact refusals.  She ended up with a Q in tunnelers, two in jumpers, one regular and one chances.  Her Sunday jumpers was really nice-I wish we had  that one on video.  And her tunnelers run was over 7 yards per second which I think is her fastest.  And finally, after an total fail in chances on Saturday, she had a very nice Q on Sunday complete with me screaming "easy, easy, easy" as she came over the A-frame.  This means she now only needs one more Chances Q for her NATCH.  And in a repeat of when she was going for her MACH we will wait from November until at least March for the final piece.  Oh well.

I have some videos I will try and upload later.  Until then, enjoy this cutie.

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Karissa said...

ONE MORE TO GO!!!!! :o)

And dang, 7 yps is smokin'!

Congrats on a great weekend!