Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Product review: Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack

Given that we have no shortage of dogs in the house, we chose the Hungry Dog Value Pack this month.  This really is a big back at a good price (for those of you interested in purchasing it looks like it's normally $8.99 but currently on sale). 

This came with a variety of chew items including what appear to be pigs ears, some kind of snout (I think) and hooves.  

The ears everyone liked and they last about as long as you would expect (most dogs have had a pig ear in their life I think).  The snouts, come in basted and unbasted.  I like that they are soft and therefore safe for teeth, but also are surprisingly long lasting.  They must be pretty tough and chewy.  However, none of the dogs (other than Lyric) really seemed to love them.  They did eat them, but not with the excitement and persistence of some of the other things we have samples.  And Zodiac, who has never been known to be picky won't eat the unbasted ones at all.  

I was a little disappointed that there were hooves as I don't give my dogs those because they are so hard so I can't tell you if they likes them or not.  But I can tell you that they looked gross, so probably dogs would love them.  

Overall I think this is a  nice, budget friendly option for someone wanting a variety of chews, but it's not one I would order again.  

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