Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random things and sleeping kittens

We sent some videos of Cade to a local disc dog group. They liked him. Cross your fingers he finds a nice frisbee home soon. 

It's snowing here today. I worked at the spay/neuter clinic. We skipped lunch and cranked out all 26 surgeries before 2:00 so everyone could go home early. 

The wind chill is 10. I have a house full of bored border collies. And it's not supposed to get any better. 

Here are the kitties waking up. So cute. 


Diana said...

That is cute!!

Karissa said...

I saw Cade's video shared on Facebook last week and a friend through Border Collie Rescue of MN saw and sounded very interested. She asked for video of him with a disc, so I'm wondering if she's the one behind it? Would be a small world if that was the case!

Nicki said...

The Kansas City disc dog group asked for a disc video, so we made one this week and sent it. How neat that you saw him! Small world.