Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday photos

I'm not much for decorating.  I don't care that much for dealing with Christmas trees.  We have a kitten.  So we went the easy route this year and got a baby tree.  No transportation hassles, easy to get in the house, already came in a stand and a snap to decorate.  We didn't even have to move any furniture!
And here is said kitten with tree.  She has actually been quite good with it.
This is my favorite ornament.  I don't even hang it on the tree, I just set it out so I can see it.
And here is the cute new ornament I added to our collection this year.

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Diana said...

Lol, we use to have a cat. She was a stray that had been eating trash in the neighborhood. I stared feeding her, it took a long time to move the food bowl from the woods to our porch. Then one day she had kittens in this box on my deck. After that she was very friendly and let me pet her. She soon became an indoor cat. She refused to go outside after a while. She would stand by the door, I would open it. She would look out and then turn around and go back in the living room . Like she was thinking" yea, it's still the same out there" anyway, when we put up the tree, she would always lie under it. Then She would knock all the ornaments off the bottom of the tree. Lol. Funny cat.