Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kiddie Christmas

This little guy had a birthday party, turned one, had the flu, and broke his leg all in one week. Things are settling down now and we finally got to do Christmas. 
He got mostly clothes-since babies tend to always be outgrowing those. But a few toys don't hurt either. 

Big sis got in on the action too. 
She also got some clothes, but is now old enough to appreciate it. She got a sweatshirt and an adorable pony outfit. 

I didn't get her a lot in the way of toys, since her house is overflowing with toys, but she did get one. 

And no little girl's Christmas is complete without some Frozen wall art. 

Back at home our kiddos seem overwhelmed with all their new things. So many choices...

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Sara said...

They're all adorable - both the human kids and the furry ones :)