Thursday, January 1, 2015

Not exactly

I saw this idea on Facebook. 

Freeze water balloons with food coloring in them. Seemed easy enough. I decided to try it. 

First, I thought I could gently lay them in the grass to freeze. Nope, first one popped. Next I decided to put them on the porch where it is smooth and shady. Seemed fine but when I carried the second one out there Twist had popped the first one. Next step, lock kitten in cage. I also dropped one resulting in a complete clothing change and taking a squeegee to the porch. 

I finally got them all done and left them to freeze. They didn't.  I let it get colder. Finally after about two days I got this. Some of them broke and leaked all over the porch. Some sort of deflated and some were partly frozen. 

It kind of looks like a rainbow vomited and froze on my porch. I'm sure the UPS guy thinks we're nuts. 

I waited a few more days. It got really cold. Still, no real results. Just more mess. 

And some fancy icicles. 

In the end I got a few lightly tinted shells that look sort of like broken eggs. 

And this. Which will likely remain a mess for some time. 

I think I tried to make my balloons too big (bigger is better right?) and/or the weather was not cold enough. Maybe I'll get brave and try again. 


Lauren Miller said...

Oh no!!! LOL!!! That's so funny!! I thought that project looked neat, too but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.. Maybe I won't!!

Happy New Year!! <3

Karissa said...

This totally made me chuckle. I've seen that picture and have been tempted to try it -- anything to make winter more fun, right? Well, thanks for taking on the experiment and sharing the results. I think I'll pass now. :o) That said, I'm sure I'd have an easier time with the freezing part here!

Sue said...

I was thinking of trying it too. Now I'm rethinking it but you did make some pretty neat icicles.