Monday, January 12, 2015

The chosen one

We love Twix. She's adorable and funny and sweet. But she didn't quite fill the void for me. But after our failed attempts with kittens one and two, I wasn't really in a rush to find another cat. I figured eventually the right one would come along. So I waited. And I saw no shortage of adoptable cats. But none were "right."

Then a Facebook post came across about a young momma cat and her four kittens who showed up at someone's apartment. Against the landlord's wishes they cared for the little family and contacted a local cat welfare group who was raising funds to get momma and babies spayed and neutered and vaccinated so they could be adopted and the caretakers not evicted! 

And there in the photo of the little family I saw her. I finally found "the one."  


She comes at an awkward time, since we will be dog sitting for much of the next two weeks and traveling ourselves at the end of next month. So for now she resides in the bathroom, where she won't upset Twix and where she can recover from her upcoming spay in peace and away from all the dogs. Hopefully after that it will be a smooth transition.  Meanwhile she is asleep on my lap purring like crazy. 

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Diana said...

She looks very sweet. Congrats!!