Sunday, December 20, 2015


We headed to Columbia this weekend for Legend to compete in the NW2 trial. I promised myself I wouldn't care if she passed or failed because she has already earned 5 titles this year and has a 100% pass rate.

So I was pretty calm going in. My goal was to have fun, trust my dog and remember to say finish! First up was vehicles (4 cars, 2 hides) and then direct to exteriors (good sized area with concrete and grass, 1 hide). She rocked both of these and I went back to the car feeling like we already had a successful day. 

Next up was two interior rooms-one hide in the first and two in the second. She was a little slower here but still got each one with tons of time left. So now we had just one hide to get in containers!  I was a little nervous now because we were so close and also because this was our first time competing in containers with something other than boxes and also with distractors. I didn't need to worry-she powered it out in 9 seconds like there was never a doubt about which one it was. 

So there it was-with the ink still drying on her NW1, she now had an NW2! Plus we had fun and I remembered to say finish!

And that's not all! She also earned a pronounced score in vehicles and exteriors and was fast enough for 2nd place in vehicles and second place in containers. And finally, with a time of 2:39 she placed 2nd overall of 18 qualifiers! She actually had a faster time today than she did in her NW1 test. 

I'm super proud of how she did today and she had a bit of a fan club going with a couple people asking who her breeder was/where she came from. But of course I then got to tell them she came from a rescue-they can go adopt their very own "legend."

This makes six nosework titles this year, with 22 perfect searches (23 if you count the second interior room today) and her 50th lifetime title. I think she was aptly named. 

Coming soon-more about the rest of our Columbia trip!

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