Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Slick, Socks, and Squirt

Sounds a little like a tongue twister!  But this is actually our current herd of horses.  Yep, we had someone join us.

When I was a kid taking lessons at a riding stable a pretty little bay filly with a unique blaze was born.  I thought she was the prettiest horse ever.  She grew up and became a show horse and broodmare.  When the barn downsized a friend who also had ridden at that barn bought her and continued with some showing and one breeding, leased her to another friend for a breeding and eventually passed her along to another friend when her she decided to focus on her kids and her other hobbies and had no time for horses.  The next friend used her as a lesson horse and sent her out on private leases for little girls to win blue ribbons on.  So after a long and successful career she has joined our herd for her retirement.

She's older, and skinnier (hope to work on that over the winter!), but still a pretty, pretty girl.  The boys are happy with their new lady and she seems perfectly happy here after arriving yesterday morning.

Meet Slick!

 She has her own blankie-pretty special

 She is very familiar with cookies, so she will fit right in here.

 Not a very pretty day, but she seems ok with her her new digs.

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Diana said...

She is beatuiful. She sure got passed around a lot. Im glad she landed with you.