Monday, January 4, 2016

Animal updates

Legend got into an NW3 trial in March.  We are excited to go but I do feel a little guilty-so many people get put on wait list time after time and we got in on our first try!  All NACSW trials are random draw  and there is a high demand for NW3 spots so being on a wait list is pretty common.  But I'm sure we will get wait listed our fair share of times so we will take what we can get.

Slick is starting to gain weight-which she should given what i am feeding her!  She loves Squirt and has decided she can't eat if she can't see him.  They don't really like to be out of each others sight ever.  Fortunately though the boys have realized that she's the boss and and they should not try and take her food so we don't have to separate them so much anymore.

Muse got adopted Christmas eve!  He now goes by Zeke and lives with a very nice retired couple and their other dog and gets to go on walks at the lake at least once a day.

On a sadder note our old pig Touchdown had continued to lose weight and in the last month was getting to be a picky eater.  In the week leading up to New Years she ate almost nothing and was acting uncomfortable.  We decided it was time to make one last ditch effort at finding something treatable or put her down.  So, I don't normally do pig surgery but desperate times call for desperate measures.  We took her to the clinic New Years day and I did a short exploratory surgery to see if the mass I suspected was there, was resectable.  It was not.  In fact I was pretty blown away by how dramatic it was.  I can't believe she functioned as well as she did for so long.  Her liver was not only massively enlarged, but fully engulfed by cancer.  There was no normal tissue left to speak of.  We peacefully sent her across the rainbow bridge without letting her wake up from surgery.  We were sad, but she had a good life and we knew there was nothing else we could do except end her suffering.

Here she is last summer at age 14-before she got all skinny.

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