Monday, June 27, 2016


Legend finally ended her streak of Nosework perfection.  It was bound to happen eventually, but it still broke my heart a little!

We traveled this weekend to Michigan for the Level 2 container trial.  I wanted to also do the NW3 but we got wait-listed for that.  It was a long drive for an element specialty trial but we figured it was a chance to see another state and it was still a trial, so should be fun even if it wasn't as important.

So off we went!
 We arrived just before 10 on friday night.  But in Michigan it was still light because of being on the western edge of the time zone.  Nice!  Saturday, we were in the afternoon trial so we had time to walk a few miles on the Lansing River trail.

 Legend was even able to get in a swim or two (or four).
Then off to the trial site.  There were 4 search areas.  The first one was old style CD rolodex cases.  She got to about the third or fourth one, stopped, sniffed and looked at me.  I called alert the judge said NO.  I was pretty surprised as my dog is never wrong!  But for whatever reason she was wrong today.  To be fair, I didn't make her check all the containers first but I don't want to be that person who pulls their dog off odor because I don't believer her.  She's never given me reason to.

On to the second search area-luggage.  No sweat, she found the two hides before the 30 second warning.

Search area three was a long row of ORT boxes.  She gave me two false alerts on these and I was honestly in disbelief.  I have no idea what was going on or if it was something I was doing or what.  But, it happened.  Now we just have to hope it doesn't happen again in 2 weeks at the NW3!  The last search area was luggage again.  She hit all three hides in less than 1 minute.  Obviously she was having a very hot and cold day!

In the evening we spend the night walking around downtown Lansing and getting some dinner and fresh air.  Then it was back on the road sunday for the long ride home.

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