Sunday, June 12, 2016

Good times, GOAL, and Good-byes

This weekend was the first of our two summer GOAL agility trials.  Saturday Nadin came and ran the girls in some Novice runs and even picked up a perfect Jumpers Q with Legend!  As a bonus our local exchange student coordinator and three of the remaining students came to watch and visit.  It was a fun time for all and a good final visit for the kids.  We even had cake! And many good-byes were said from all our agility friends.
And we got a few group photos-but I'm not sure where Abdou was during this so he missed out!  But aren't these girls sweet?

Then we spent one of our last remaining evenings at home in the typical way.
Today I went back to the trial alone (well, with dogs).  The girls each picked up a tunnelers and jumpers Q and Legend got a regular and a Chances!  She only needs 4 for her NATCH 2, but whatever happens, happens.  We don't to that many agility trials anymore.  Nadin spent the day packing and since there are two suitcases in the dining room I guess she made progress.

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