Friday, July 22, 2016

GOAL trial and puppies

Finally getting around to posting about the weekend agility trial.  I didn't have the girls entered in much.  Figured with no more training that we've done I didn't want to overdo it just to not get many Qs!  They did pick up some but most importantly Legend got both chances legs which  earned her S-ECC and put her just two away from NATCH 2.

In other trial news we had the most epic raffle ever.  People seemed super excited about it and since we were possibly going to be short Q toys we offered a toy or a raffle ticket and this seemed a popular option.

And, we are fostering a puppy!  A nice veterinarian in Ava, MO picked up a little border collie baby off the side of the road Friday morning figuring the local Amish lost of dumped her.  She has starving and full of parasites but they fixed her right up and Barbie went out to look at her and then brought her to me Saturday at the trial.

Everyone, meet "Ava"

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