Thursday, July 7, 2016

Weekly catch up

Friday I had the day off so after my long morning run Legend and I headed out to the nearby park to spend some time in the water.

She would have stayed and played all day but it eventually will tear up her paw pads so we had to go home.  Where we found this fat boy trapped in the new doggy pool.  We sent him safely on his way. 

We spend the rest of the weekend on a landscape remodel around the house  We trimmed bushed, removed several bushes and an unwelcome tree and planted some new flowers.  Also tore out an old flowerbed.

There used to be bushes in front of this part of the house up to about mid window.  It looks a little bare now but the potted plants should get bigger and next year there will be more plants in the back part of the ground level where you see just dirt.

We also plan to turn the side of the house facing the back yard (where we took out 4 bushes-some dead and some alive) into a flower garden.  Should look really pretty next year.

Also gave all the horses baths but didn't get much time to take any pretty pictures of them.  But here is Squirt looking concerned over the fireworks.
Monday I ran the Firecracker 5K in Branson and finished in 24:25 for first in my age group.  Was happy with that time and hope to do even better later in the year!

This weekend we are off to Wisconsin for an NW3 and I just found out today we got into one in IL over Labor Day Weekend.  We are excited to have gotten in as there are over 100 dogs on the wait list.  Hopefully we can make the most of our opportunities!


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty. Good luck this weekend. MOM

Sue said...

If you need any help digging, Sydney and Lola have volunteered to help.