Sunday, December 4, 2016

Devil's Den Trail Run

This weekend Cheri and I went to Arkansas for a trail run.  We stayed at a super cute hotel built at an old mill complete with evening snacks and free cookies!  We got there in time to do a little shopping-I picked up a few presents for the pets-and still had time to relax a bit before bed.

The race morning was cool and cloudy but not crazy cold.  The first half of the race was pretty rough.  It had a long uphill on rough and rocky terrain followed by a long downhill on the same terrain. The second half  was much nicer, a more "runnable" style of trail.  It was only supposed to be 5 miles but somewhere in the fine print it actually said 5-6 miles.  They may as well have called it 6 because it was far closer to 6 than 5!  But it helped me get a bit closer to my 1000 mile goal.  Only 75 more!

Then we headed home and Jerry and I spend the evening catching up on our TV and then sleeping in this cool, dreary morning. Welcome to winter.

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