Monday, December 12, 2016

Last race

This weekend Cheri, Grace, Lindsay and company and I did what will probably be our last race for the year. We hit the St. Louis Hot Chocolate 15K. The good news is that Lindsay and I are so competitive  we pushed each other to a dual PR of 1:20:39. Which is a way better time than I thought I was capable of!  Our challenge now is to be able do it again in 8 years when Lindsay is the age I am now! The bad news is I strained my Achilles which could jeopardize my 1000 mile year. I have 53 to go. So I am resting and icing for a few days and hoping it will heal quickly.

Notice my magical rainbow unicorn leggings. They made all the difference!

Then we joined Elaine and Melanie in Herman for the wine and cheese event to celebrate Lindsay's upcoming nursing school graduation. A fun, but exhausting weekend!

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