Monday, July 3, 2017

And he's one!

Today is Epic's computer-generated, estimated birthday.  Although he's still very much a puppy!  His new crate came today and he's all signed up for obedience and nosework classes!

He's doing really well with the cats and in general making a good transition to the house and having some freedom.  He will chew on things that are not his and isn't totally housebroken, but overall I'm happy with how he is settling in.  He very much likes not having to live in a crate anymore.  He was neutered last week and the pin pulled out of his leg.  I think having the pin out has made him use the leg better.  Hopefully he continues to improve but he may need some PT if not.

I got out the good camera for a few birthday shots.

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Sue said...

He's a cute boy. Congrats