Monday, July 17, 2017


Nike rocked her "adopt me" photos.  I think they turned out super cute.  So, here she is!

 I has some fun with this one :)
Nike is a 10-12 month old female Border collie found as a stray.  She was pulled from a kill shelter where she was too stressed to be adopted.  Nike can be very shy when she meets new people but warms up quickly with a few cookies and a little encouragement.  Within 24 hours of arriving in her foster home she was acting like a normal, happy dog. 

Nike is a sweet girl, but a very rambunctious puppy!  She is working on general manners such as not jumping on people or things (countertops, doors, etc), being quiet in her crate and also basic obedience.  She also tends to play bite/nip at her people when she gets excited.  Nike is crate trained but it can take a  little encouragement to get her in and a little while for her to quiet down.  She is mostly housebroken.

She likes other dogs once she gets to know them and plays all kinds of games with her foster brother.  She is pretty good about not bothering dogs who don't want to play as well at the cats. 
Nike enjoys rawhide chews, is very food motivated and playing with toys more and more the longer she has been here.  She recently attended and agility trial which was a great socialization experience for her and she made a lot of progress on learning that strangers don't have to be scary.  She rides quietly in the car but should have a seatbelt or crate so she doesn't try to get in the front seat with you!

Nike will require a fenced yard and a patient family that is willing to continue her socialization and training.  Willingness to take and obedience class, or , a very experienced family will be required.  At this time we are not adopting Nike to families with children under 10 but this may change as her training progresses.  Nike has sport dog potential and will be a fabulous dog with a little time and training!  She currently weighs about 35 lbs and has a medium length coat. 

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