Monday, November 20, 2017

NW3 try number not even sure

Saturday we were able to trial at our "local" trial for another NW3.  Legend was awesome.  Two of her interior rooms she was solid as a rock.  Vehicles in the rain she crushed.  Exteriors she got a little hung up in something but we still made it through clear.  Containers she was solid.  I made her show me twice just because of our history in containers.   But, she was right.

The middle interior room was where I messed up.  It was tiny, she wasn't really finding anything.  I thought it was clear but she was a little interested in the washer so I kept hanging around.  When they called 30 seconds i had to decide between alert and finish and against my gut feeling I chose alert.  One day maybe I'll learn.  But overall I felt a lot better about this trial than the last one and have renewed hope that we may pass again!

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