Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Random updates

Epic went on his first trail run this weekend. He did great and I even tried him off less for a good chunk. He was really good at not getting too far ahead and coming when called. And he seemed to have a lot of fun. I think he will enjoy hiking as much as his sister!

Here are a few random Christmas photos from the farm. 

Girls are continuing to work on their cooking skills. I even helped out and taught them grilled cheese this week!

Epic has become quite the pillow hog. 

Trick (now Hexnut) and Goblin (now Shiner) are in great homes. Casper goes to his new home in Florida this weekend. He’s going on a plane! In cabin with the owner of course. Candy has a home visit pending. Jack has an approved adopter but they are also looking st another puppy.  

Little puppies are getting more playful and “helpful” as I do barn chores. They are also six weeks old and working towards weaning. They are very cute.  

No interest in sweet Autumn yet. Cassie has gained a ton of weight and feels much better. 

Girls did great last semester at school and have started second semester. They are still looking forward to seeing snow and we are all looking forward to spring break!

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Helen said...

If they want to see snow, they should come to my neck if the woods, Ottawa, Canada. Winterlude, our winter festival is at the beginning of February.