Friday, April 17, 2020

Fun pony pics

I may a little biased but I think they are pretty cute. As you can see Jadeed got initiated into the rainbow pony club. He didn’t seem to mind. He’s doing pretty well, we’ve been doing a lot of ground work and basic manners to build an relationship and just a little bit of riding. I want the chiropractor to check him out and he needs his teeth done so we are waiting on those before we do too much riding. I also want to get out to an arena where I feel more comfortable making him listen to me. He’s sweet but I think we would test a new rider for sure. And I don’t want him to get any ideas!

I also found a few more photos from when he was younger. Crazy how much they change. Also Jadeed is not only 100% Egyptian but he also can trace his bloodlines 100% to the Bedouin horses of the desert. This makes him a modern day example of the ancient desert Arabians which is pretty rare apparently. Anyway, I found it interesting. 

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Helen said...

Great pictures! I love the rainbow mane.