Saturday, April 25, 2020

More quarantine times

So, nothing really exciting has happened. Mostly the same assortment of things, just in different orders. On different days. Legend wanted to go running with me the other day. Which resulted in two slow miles. But at least she can still go that far, even if it’s slow and we enjoyed our outing. 

Kittens are growing. And starting to play. They are getting to the super cute stage and the new few weeks all hours be adorable. 

Got in a little riding. The horses are getting their adjustments done, teeth and feet all in a week and should have no excuses for any fussiness! They both prefer to walk rather than any kind of harder work!

Such a pretty face 😊


Selfie time 

More fancy face

So apparently if you color your candles with crayons it affect the way they burn. So here is attempt number two. At least they look pretty!

Socks is still shedding. But his mane is glorious. 

Getting along better. 

Candles burning better 

Handsome Seamus 

More rainbows 


And just more fun animal pics. We’ve also been working on some landscaping and putting in a new fire pit. Have a whole list of things we’d like to get done. We shall see how that goes!

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Helen said...

All those animals must keep you busy. I've just got the two dogs. Glad to have them with me in lock down or I probably wouldn't get dressed most days.