Saturday, May 16, 2020

Life in 2020

So, mostly another post about staying home and pics of animals.  Mostly.  We finally got to go somewhere!  For mother's day we spend the night at my parents now house and got to see family and had a great time.

The kittens are growing and looking cuter all the time. Two have been adopted so far.

Barn cats are loving life and horses are free loading because it has either been cold or raining or I've been at work or something else.  But hope to ride again soon!

Meanwhile the rest of the things I had planned for June cancelled.  But, that means we can have family visit here and get more done on the house.  The rest of the floor come in a few weeks and then our new bed and we have been countertop shopping.  So I should have more stay at home photos to post soon!

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Helen said...

Nice that you got to visit family. We're still not supposed to visit with other households so for me that means I'm mostly alone. I did go for a walk with a friend last weekend but you can physically distance.