Wednesday, June 10, 2020

All the things that happened

First up, kitten cuteness.  All the kittens are doing well and will soon be moving on to their homes, or the shelter if they haven't been spoken for yet.  Don't worry, it's cage free and they will continue their shenanigans. 

A cute picture of socks, I feel like he doesn't get as much attention these days.  Actually none of the horses have gotten much attention these days.  Thanks to rain, other events I'll cover in this post and just general business. Which is surprising considering we still aren't really going many places. 
 A fun pic from the other night
 Epic got a new agility leash from our friends at Ninja Bling.  We love it and can't wait for trials to start again.  Although the way trials are going to be until COVID passes does not actually sound that fun.  But I guess it's better than nothing.

 We celebrated Legend's 1/2 birthday (14.5) by taking her out for a day trip.  We visited the construction site for the clinic that will be my second part time job, more on that soon! And lucky for her there is a yard with a creek in the back! She had a great time.

 Then we went and spent some time with my family

A few fun things that happened at work

 A local all breed rescue took in some border collie looking dogs from a hoarding (mostly items, but some dogs) situation.  We offered to help and took in this very pregnant female and 4 half grown puppies.  The female came home with me (naturally) and promptly escaped a very secure crate the next day.  We spend five days with her on the loose in the neighborhood hoping we would catch her safely and hopefully before the puppies were born.  With the help of a lot of friends and neighbors who kept watch, loaned us equipment and let us invade their property we finally got her.  It was actually a random stroke of luck that led to her actual capture but we were very glad to have all the help and equipment in case it had been needed!

 "Hope" delivered 7 puppies a few days later, five survived and are doing well.  They have been safely secured at work until we got a better set up for them but they should be able to come home today!
While all this was happening we had new floors put in so the house was fully torn apart and a mess. As you can see the dogs didn't really help much. And we were preparing to have family visit. 
 So of course this happened during a storm.

 Plus we temporarily had little Otter with us-hearing and vision impaired puppy, until he could get to his foster home.
 Thins have slowly returned to normal and we had a good family visit.  Yesterday we found this in our yard.  He was not happy about being moved but we didn't think he belonged inside the fence.

 Cats don't really seem bothered by anything.

In he midst of everything Lindsay, little Kash and I had a nice afternoon at a winery

So I think that's everything!  These has been a little blood and a lot of sweat and tears lately but things are starting to settle down!  All riding, training, blogging, and most running has been put on hold but I think we are ready to get back at it.  The yard is cleaned up (pig fence still needs repair) and the agility stuff is out.  Today is cooler weather for running and in the next few days I hope to also have time to saddle up!


Fay said...

Lots has happened! I have enjoyed your blog for years, and it's always fun to see a post about your busy life! I wonder if one of little Otter's parents was a double merle....Thanks for updates and unusual photos, with raccoon and porcupine! A great stress reliever. /Fay, the cardis3 and the New Spoo

Helen said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on. In my case, it was a lot cancelled, my camping trip, my trip to Italy and a Mediterrean cruise. Oh well, maybe next year. I did adopt a dog from friends just before lock down happened.